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Sump Pump and Sewer Repair and Installations in Oakville & Burlington

Keeping water away from the foundation of your home is essential to keeping a strong structure. In Oakville Burlington and Milton we are the trusted name in sump pump repair and installation services. Your sump pump and sewer system keep water away from your basement and help avoid annoying and costly leaks. Issues often arise when the winter season comes to an end and thawing begins as there is an increased amount of water in the ground beneath your home. Make sure your sump pump is operating at full capacity to avoid unwanted water collection. Get in touch with your local sump pump and sewer repair experts today!

Sump Pump Repair Services
If you hear anything unusual or suspect any deficiencies in your pump system, we can assist you in solving the issue at a time that works best for your schedule. There are many risks to your home or health associated with a malfunctioning system. Ensure your home or business stays clean and healthy with our sump pump and sewer repair services. 


Back Flow Water Prevention
When water flows through your piping system in the wrong direction, it’s called as back flow. Without proper sewage back flow prevention, wastewater can flow back causing sewage backup, causing serious implications. We can install and maintain one-way sewage system, so that you don’t have to deal with messy complications.

Sump Pump Installations
Installed in the floor of your basement, sump pumps collect water in the sump pit of your drainage system to keep your basement dry. During our installations, we ensure your system is the right size so that it has the capacity to hold the right amount of liquid that will flow through it.

Sump Pump Maintenance Services

It is important to examine the float of the pump, any debris that may be in draining into the pit, and the sump pit valve. This ensures that no damage happens to your system and protects yourself from costly and unexpected issues from occurring in the future. Call us today to schedule your maintenance appointment.

Sump Pump and Sewer Repair and Installations



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