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Complete Bathroom Renovations in Burlington

Plumbing plays an extremely important role when it comes to bathroom renovations. Based in Burlington, Sam Harb & Family Plumbing has helped homeowners in the region create gorgeous and functional bathrooms. Working together, we create a design that meets your needs and desires. Turn your bathroom into a home spa to relax after a long day or utilize your small space to increase the functionality of your home. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who think outside of the box to deliver you what you have always wanted. We also have an experienced kitchen and bath designer on staff in the showroom to help you with your bathroom renovation needs. BOOK WITH US today!


Phase 1: Dream

Identify the client’s objectives and needs

Evaluate the current condition of the home and any new requirements

Determine a budget and create an outline

Phase 2: Discover

Examine schematic designs complete with new floor plans

Decide design elements such as desired finishes and fixtures

Draft all construction documents and technical specifications

Phase 3: Design

Prepare site for construction

Construction: demolition, build, cleanup, inspection, and approvals

Complete final checklist and remove all excess materials

Phase 4: Deliver

Final project is inspected and delivered to the customer

Ensure customer knows how to use all hardware

Answer all questions and enquires, leaving further communication open



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